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How we do it

We use specialist testing equipment to ensure the integrity of your equipment. However as importantly is an assessment of the environment in which the equipment is being used, the nature of the work with which it is used and the way in which it has been installed.This becomes particularly important where the work environment is harsh or hazardous.

We will check to ensure equipment is being used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and that the following are checked:

  • That cables are stored in a way that prevents damage.
  • Isolation or disconnection facility is accessible and understood.
  • Appropriate ventilation is available.
  • Risk of spillage on equpment avoided.
  • Strain on electrical leads avoided.
  • Equipment is properly enclosed, with covers/doors closed.
  • Multi way adaptors and trailing sockets used appropriately
  • No unprotected cables under floor materials

Note that when we test equipment it must be removed from the mains supply. We try to plan this in advance with clients to minimise disruption.